Partners / ITA Grant Application

Applicants interested in registering for one of our training courses please complete the form below and follow the AKCCAP instructions. 

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AKCCAP Individual Training Accounts

Individuals interested in receiving funding for film training must complete a one page application. Contact your closet job center to apply:

  • Anchorage Muldoon Job Center, Lena Mathlaw 269-4733
  • Bethel YK Delta Job Center, Kimberly Weston-Smith – 543-1601
  • Juneau Job Center, Danny Lakip – 465-5930
  • Kenai Peninsula Job Center, Carolyn Vanzant – 283-2922
  • Fairbanks Job Center, Missy Lizotte – 451-2891
  • YK Delta Job Center,Lena Mathlaw – 877-724-2539
  • Bristol Bay Job Center, Lena Mathlaw – 800-478-5579
  • Nome Job Center, Lena Mathlaw – 800-478-2626
  • Kotzebue Job Center, Lena Mathlaw – 800-478-3280

Funds may cover up to $1,500 in tuition and $1,000 for transportation and lodging for Alaskans who successfully complete training. Funding will be available on a first-come basis until all funds are obligated.

Please click here for more information on how to receive funding.