About AlaskaFilmCrew.com

AlaskaFilmCrew.com is based in Anchorage, Alaska. Our mission is to offer modern training that provides both beginning and active media professionals, training and workshops in the film, television and video industries normally not available in the state.

Alaska Film Crew was created by Jonathan Butzke of Talking Circle Media. Mr. Butzke has over 29 years of experience in film, television and video production working state and nationwide, and internationally. He understands the past history of how television & video evolved in Alaska, and even more importantly the future needs that New Media will have on the digital film & television workforce community.

Alaska is a land of extremes. Across Alaska there are a nearly unlimited number of potential filming locations, from sandy beaches to ice filled fields. From sand
dunes to snowcaves, Alaska has it all. Mr. Butzke has experience shooting in all the geographical places of Alaska in all seasons. From the rainy southeastern rainforest, to the surface of a glacier, to shooting in far away locations no camera has ever shot, the workshops and instructors put together by AlaskaFilmCrew.com will meet all your training needs.

Workshop participants will meet at the Talking Circle Media Studio location. The studio is a 4200 sqft building that houses numerous editing rooms, sound booths, motion graphic suites and production offices. The 833 sqft 16.5′ high studio features a permanent 12’x24′ green screen hard corner cyc, with many more options of backdrops and set making. Talking Circle Media has played host to many different projects that bring in everything from ski boats, to sports cars to a basketball team to beauty queens. Workshop participants are provided free wifi, break areas and free parking..